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    Eppendorf is one of the leading international manufacturers of laboratory equipment, consumables, tiny inventory and other products for scientific, research and medical work.

    Their programme includes the following:

  • accessories for liquid handling (pipettes,…)
  • centrifuges
  • microtubes, microplates and other consumables
  • thermo mixers
  • devices and reagents for molecular and cell biology


    In the field of molecular biology QIAGEN offers a wide range of products for:

  • nucleic acid manipulation:

  • - kits for DNA and RNA isolation from fungi, vegetal and animal tissue, body fluids
    - solution for plasmid and viral DNA isolation
    - reagents for normal PCR and real-time PCR
    - kits for PCR products purification
    - cloning reagents
    - transfection reagents
    - iRNA synthesis (interference)

  • and work with proteins

  • - systems for protein expression
    - systems for protein isolation
    - systems for protein detection and testing
    - preparation for immunisation

    Tecan group companies are specialised for development, manufacture and marketing of instruments and solution-finding systems in diagnostic and scientific laboratories. Tecan is a pioneer in robotic sample processing and automated liquid handling.

    Their programme includes the following:
  • microplate readers and scanners
  • microplate washers
  • devices for laboratory automation
  • software for the mentioned devices


    EnviteC specialises in the research, development and production of senzors and high quality monitoring equipment. Its product range includes sensors and various devices for use in healthcare and manufacturing industry as well in the fields of environmental and safety technology.

    StatSpin is trying to simplify and speed up the sample preparation in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, consulting rooms and veterinarian clinics.

    Their momentary programme includes:
  • cytocentrifuges for clinical and research application
  • urine centrifuge
  • world’s fastest blood separator
  • FISH analysis device
  • devices for sample collection and preparation
  • consumables for microcentrifuges


    For a lond period Winco has been a leader in the manufacturing of medical furniture.
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